Diane Perry's Photography
the Bodega Bay Visions
of Diane Perry
Diane's Roving Eye pursuing an image

Diane Perry's Bodega Bay scenes capture the magic contained in moments of time, evoking the peace, harmony and poetry of what our seaside scenery is all about. Wonderfully composed and carefully crafted, her work is highly artistic.

Diane Perry Dockside Reflections Diane Perry Cliff Clinging Color

(below is just a taste of Diane's photographic magic).
Her photographs are most popular, and grace the home and office walls of many a Bodega Bay visitor.

Artist's statement ... "I picked up a camera 30 years ago, and I'm still holding on tight! With it, I have experienced many happy adventures and wonderful discoveries.

Diane Perry Bodega Bay Dawn Highlights
Bodega Bay , Dawn Highlights
Diane Perry Bodega Bay Pelican and Golden Ripples
Bodega Bay, Pelican and Golden Ripples
Diane Perry Bodega Bay Lucas Wharf Sunrise
Bodega Bay, Lucas Wharf Sunrise

Beautiful images are everywhere and I enjoy taking the time to look for them. They fascinate and captivate. They can tantilize and mesmerize. They can even present a delightful element of surprise. They can tickle the heart, stir the spirit, and light up the mind, and make you want to linger for a while to breath in the whole of the image. Enter: the camera!

I use film and digital imagery. Digital was a hard sell after the eloquence of film. But digital has won a place in my world.

Diane Perry Wild Flower Display against Fog and Sea
Wild Flowers Display against Fog and Sea
Diane Perry Bodega Bay Reflections by the Dock
Bodega Bay, Reflections by the Dock

Welcome to my world through the lens of an SLR camera! I am happy to share it with you and give you the chance to linger for a while if you wish! -- Diane Perry

Diane Perry Bodega Bay Wild Flowers and Pinnacles
Bodega Bay, Wild Flowers and Pinnacles
Diane Perry Bodega Bay Calm Waters
Bodega Bay, Calm Waters