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Atellier One Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom
Joshua Meador Exhibition
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom, July - September, 2018
OPEN HOUSE ... Labor Day Weekend, Fri, Sat & Sun, noon until 5:00 PM

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We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE at Linda Sorensen's Studio and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's Showroom.

Linda has a lovely group of paintings on exhibit as she prepares for this year's Art Trails, and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery offers our first Atelier One Exhibtion of Joshua Meador paintings, featuring our Disney and Meador Family Collections as well as a selection of our own Joshua Meador paintings.

Friday, our building, Atelier One is open. Come on in, and we're in Studio 5.

Saturday and Sunday, the Atelier One is closed, so we're having a SPEAK EASY EXHIBITION. To gain access, go to Atelier One's BACK DOOR (on the South end of the building.) THERE WILL BE SIGNS. The password is "Walt Sent Me," borrowed from the film, Roger Rabbit.

Joshua Meador was a mid century regional impressionist. He loved the California Coast, often staying in Bodega Bay as he painted throughout Sonoma County.

Joshua Meador graduated with honors from the Art Institute in Chicago in 1935. In the midst of the Great Depression Josh was thrilled to land an opportunity at Walt Disney's Studio. He quickly rose to become the studio's Director of Animation Effects for nearly 30 years.

Although he loved his job at Disney, Josh always thought of himself as an impressionist. When on painting excursions, he often explained to admirers behind his easel, "First and foremost, I'm an impressionist, Disney is my day-job."

This exhibition includes four paintings from the Disney collection, paintings once owned by Walt Disney and displayed at Walt's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs. Others are from the Meador family collection and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's collection.

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom is open only by appointment
. If you wish to see other paintings from our on-line collection, let us know and we will have them at the showroom when you arrive. The paintings linked below are at the showroom on display. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos and more information.

Coastal and Harbor Scenes
Joshua Meador Tending the Net
Tending the Net
36 x 30
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Caspar Point II
Caspar Point II

24 x 36
Joshua Meador Bay Frontage midsized thumbnail
Bay Frontage
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Carmel Coast Midsized Thumbnail
Carmel Coast
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Sur Montage Midsized Thumbnail
Sur Montage, 20 x 27
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove Midsized Thumbnail
Pacific Cove, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Cliff Shapes Mid Sized Thumbnails
"Cliff Shapes," 24 x 36
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Boats in Monterey
Boats in Monterey

20 x 27
Joshua Meador Shoreline Midsized Thumbnail
Shoreline, 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Point Arena Light
Point Arena Light
12 x 16
Joshua Meador Untitled Red Sunset Boats on Beach
Untitled, Red Sunset,
Boats on Beach,
8 x 10
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Estuary Seabirds Midsized Thumbnail
Estuary Seabirds, 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Sandpipers Midsized Thumbnail
Sandpipers, 6 x 8
Fishing from Shore, 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Figures on a Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Figures on a Beach 6 x 8
Meador Family Collection
Coastal Hills, Farms and Towns
Joshua Meador The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters,
24 x 34
Joshua Meador Veiled Morning
Veiled Morning,
20 x 27 -- on hold
Joshua Meador Playground
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Cannery Row Midsized Thumb
Cannery Row,
22 x 30
Joshua Meador Sheep Ranch Mendocino Midsized Thumbnail
"Sheep Ranch" Mendocino
24 x 34
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Generations Midsized Thumbnail
Generations, 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Perimeter
Perimeter, 27 x 40
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa
Captain Vallejo's Casa, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Jack's Horses Midsized Thumbnail
Jack's Horses, 14 x 18
Meador Family Collection
Desert Southwest and the Disney Collection,
paintings once owned and displayed at Disney's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs
Joshua Meador Forum
Forum #1825
22 x 30

Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Pow Wow Midsized Thumbnail
Pow Wow, 18 x 14
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Smoke Trees Midsized Thumbnail
Smoke Trees, 20 x 27
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Far Beyond Disney Collection Midsized Thumbnail
"Far Beyond," 14 x 18
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Patriarch
Patriarch #1304
22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador South Nevada Midsized Thumbnail
South Nevada, 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Eastern Sierra, Southern California, Related to Disney Studios, & Central America
Joshua Meador Fantasy Concept Painting Midsized Thumbnail
"Untitled, Fantasy Concept'
Meador family collection
18 x 14
Joshua Meador Fresh Water Midsized Thumbnail
Fresh Water
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Road to Mt Whitney Midsized Thumbnail
Road to Mt. Whitney
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Wintertide
Wintertide, 6 x 8
Sierra Autumn
6 x 8
Joshua Meador Snowfalls Golden Moment
Snowfall's Golden Moment

6 x 8
Joshua Meador San Francisco Guatemala Midsized Thumbnail
San Francisco, Guatemala
Meador Family Collection
14 x 18
Joshua Meador Strolling in the Park Midsized Thumbnail
Strolling in the Park
Meador family collection
24 x 36
Aria Da Capo Joshua Meador midsized Thumb
Aria Da Capo, Fantasy Concept
Meador family collection
8 x 10
Joshua Meador Wild is the Wind Midsized Thumbnail
Wild is the Wind
24 x 34
Meador Family Collection