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Joshua Meador
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  Southern California
Central America
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Joshua Meador 1911-1965, Palm Springs and Desert Scenes
Joshua Meador, Forum, once owned and displayed in Walt Disney's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs.
Forum #1825
22 x 30

Disney Collection
Joshua Meador, painting of a smoke Tree called Patriarch
Patriarch #1304
22 x 30
Meador Family Collection

Joshua Meador, South Nevada, a desert scene with large cumulous storm clouds and sunlilght desert vegitation forground
South Nevada 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Desert Planes 22 x 30, Meador Family Collection
Desert Planes 22 x 30
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador, the Painted Desert, 22 x 30, Meador Family Collection
Painted Desert
22 x 30
offered unframed
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador, Sea of Sand 20 x 27
Sea of Sand,
22 x 28
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador, Chicken Race, Santa Domingo Pueblo, Meador Family collection
Chicken Race,
Santo Domingo Pueblo
, New Mexico
Meador Family Collection 20 x 27
Joshua Meador, Taos Pow Wow, done in the early 1950's in Taos, New Mexico
Taos Pow Wow
20 x 27
Taos, New Mexico, offered unframed
Meador family Collection
Joshua Meador, A Clear Crispy Day, painted in New Mexico, c early 1950's
A Clear Crispy Day, 20 x 27
a New Mexico scene
offered unframed
Joshua Meador, Desert Landscape, a masterful scene of red rocky outcrops and desert vegitation
Desert Landscape
20 x 27
Meador family collection
offered unframed