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Joshua Meador
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Joshua Meador 1911-1965, Disneyland and related to Disney Studios
Joshua Meador, The Last Symphony, a painting done by Meador at the request of Walt Diseny for a reception to honor visiting artist Salvador Dali.  Disney asked  Meador to create a work recalling the instruments of the orchestra from the beginnning sequence of Fantasia.
The Last Symphony
24 x 34
Meador family collection,
done for a reception held
in honor of Salvador Dali, welcoming him for
his residency at the Disney Studios in 1947
Joshua Meador, Fantasy Concept
"Untitled, Fantasy Concept'
Meador family collection
18 x 14

Joshua Meador Aria da Capo
Aria Da Capo
Fantasy Concept
Meador family collection
8 x 10