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Bill Freeman 1927 - 2013
Bill Freeman Photo Bill Freeman, Summer Range, Bison in a yellow flowered meadow in Yellowstone
Summer Range

from Crossroads of Sport Christmas Catalog 1973 - 74

Bill Freeman was known for his skillful palette knife paintings of wildlife and the west, and is well respected in the world of Western Art. Although both his parents were artists, Bill Freeman didn't plan on following in the family business.

Bill preferred being a cowboy. For twelve years in Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico, fought forest
fires for the U.S. Forest Service, and was a guide and field researcher for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. That agency was the first to publish his sketches. Summering in Jackson Hole and wintering in Scottsdale.

Freeman finally settlled his attentions on art, painting and creating bronze sculptures of the West's landscapes and wildlife. He produced over five thousand paintings in his artistic career, has exhibited his works in many cities, and is published in several books. He is one of the pioneers of art in both Jackson Hole and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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