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Joshua Meador
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Now at the Gallery
(June 6 through July, 2024)

California's Painters of the Desert
inspired by the life and writings
of gallery owner and author, Gary Fillmore


BBHGallery_California Painters of the Desert

featuring works by

James Swinnerton
John W. Hilton
Clyde Forsythe
Ralph Love
Paul Grimm
Sam Hyde Harris
Gordon Coutts

Grace Fountain
Paul Lauritz
Robert Rishell
Dedrick Stuber
Florence Young
Frances Upson Young

1580 Eastshore Rd
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

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Grace Fountain, Sunrise, Grand Canyon, 1931
Grace Fountain 1857-1942
Sunrise, Grand Canyon 1931

Robert Rishell, The High Trail
Robert Rishell 1917-1976
The High Trail 30 x 40

Ralph Love, Monumnet Valley
Ralph Love 1907-1992
Monument Valley 24 x 36
Carl Hoeman, Gods of the Deep, Grand Canyon,
Carl Hoerman 1885-1955
Gods of the Deep, 1950
Grand Canyon
James Swinnerton Smoke Tree Wash
James Swinnerton 1875-1974
Smoketree Wash
30 x 40
John W Hilton, La Mananita, 1963
John W. Hilton 1904-1983
La Mananita
, 1963
Paul Grimm, Desert Charm, a scene with desert verbena in the foreground and Mt. San Jacinto in the background
Paul Grimm 1891-1974
Desert Charm 1954
Clyde Forsythe, Late Afternoon, 24 x 30
Clyde Forsythe 1885-1963
Late Afternoon
John W Hilton, Monumnet
John W. Hilton 1904-1983
Monument, 1951
Ralph Love Agathla Needle, Keyenta, AZ
Ralph Love, 1907-1992
Agathla Needle, Keyenta, AZ
Harry Emerson Lewis, Ocotillos at Shaver's Well
Harry Emerson Lewis 1892-1958
Ocotillos at Shaver's Well 1931
Indians at Monument Valley, 1972, Ferdinand Burgdorff
Ferdinand Burgdorff 1881-1975
Monument Valley, 1972
Milford Zornes, Ghosts, 1960
Milford Zornes 1908-2008
Ghosts, 1960
Ned Jacob, Cowbow with Duster, charcoal sketch
Ned Jacob 1938-present
Cowboy with Duster, charcoal on paper

Matthew Leizer 1910-1995
Monument Valley, watercolor

Paull Grimm, Lone Pine Tree
Paul Grimm 1891-1974
Lone Smoke Tree
John W Hilton, Fall in the Canyon, Anzo Borrego State Park, east of the Salton Sea
John W. Hilton 1904-1983
Fall in the Canyon
John W. Hilton, Twentynine Palms
John W. Hilton 1904-1983
Twentynine Palms, 1950
Sam Hyde Harris Rabbit Brush
Sam Hyde Harris 1889-1977
Rabbit Brush
Frances Upson Young The Edge of the Desert Mt. San Jacinto, near Palm Springs, CA
Frances Upson Young 1870-1950
The Edge of the Desert
Mt. San Jacinto, Palm Springs
James Swinnerton, Yuma Desert
James Swinnerton 1875-1974
Yuma Desert
16 x 20
Arthur Merton Hazard Mount San Jacinto in Winter
Arthur Merton Hazard 1872-1930
Mount San Jacinto in Winter

Linda Sorensen (contemporary)
Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
34 x 48