Nearly eight hundred miles, from San Diego Harbor northward, California's Coast has provided some of the world's most dazzling coastal scenery. This majesty enticed California's painters of all different periods and styles. This exhibit salutes these artists, focusing on historic painters of the Carmel Art Association, and other notable painters of the sea.

Historic Painters of the Carmel Art Association
Notable Painters of the Sea

Charlotte Morgan
Charlotte Augusta Morton
William Ritschel
Davis F. Schwartz
Nell Walker Warner
Abel George Warshawsky

George Bickerstaff
Jon Blanchette
Bennett Bradbury
Dave Dalton
Richard Dey DeRibcowsky
Alexander Dzigursk
Nels Hagerup
Arthur Merton Hazard
Anna Althea Hills
Paul Lauritz
Leon Lundmark
Stephen Seymour Thomas
James Gale Tyler

Historic Painters of the Carmel Art Association

Josephine Mildred Blanch 1864 -1951

Josephine Blanch Pansies in a Basket
Pansies in a Basket
Josephine Blanch attended the School of Design in San Francisco with life-long friend Mary DeNeal Morgan. The adventuresome pair made a trip to the Monterey Peninsula and Blanch loved the place and made it her home. She became curator of the Del Montey Hotel Art Gallery, specializing in local artists. For a period after the earthquake, Josephine's Blanch's gallery was the most important gallery in northern California. She also wrote for the Del Monty Weekly and wrote a history of art on the Monterey Peninsula entitled Barbizon Revisited. She is known for portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. She once restored an old adobe, and sold it to John Steinbeck. Top of Page

Cornelis J Botke Furnace Creek Wash Midsized Thumbnail
Furnace Creed Wash

Ferdinand Burgdorff 1881 - 1975

After enjoying a miandering artistic career, including study in Paris and painting the desert southwest, Ferdinand Burgdorff settled in Carmel, building his house and studio near Pebble Beach on Rondo Road. His landscapes were both realistic and romantic, conveying mystery and drama in the landscape. At the time of his death at age 94, he was the oldest working member of the Camel art community. Top of Page
Ferdinand Burgdorff Pebble Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Pebble Beach 1956
Ferdinand Burgdorff Monterey Wharf Midsized Thumbnail
On the Old Wharf, Monterey 1948
Ferdinand Burgdorff California Coast 1911 Midsized Thumbnail
California Coast 1911

Francis Harvey Cutting
1872 - 1964

Francis Harvey Cutting was born in Riceville Iowa on October 8, 1872. He moved to California at the age of 21. He settled in Santa Clara Valley as a farmer, where he graduated from San Jose State College in 1897. He then studied art at College of the Pacific. His interest and talent as an artist led him to teach art classes. He later became devoted full time to his own painting, and soon became well known for his California seascape and coastal landscape paintings. His work has been exhibited at art galleries nationwide, as well as Gump Art Gallery in San Francisco and Stanford University. His last known work was created in 1963, at the age of 91. He died in 1964. Top of Page

Francis Harvey Cutting Pacific Grove Cottage Midsized Thumbnail
Pacific Grove Cottage

Joshua Meador 1911 - 1965
Josh was an artist for Walt Disney Studios for thirty years. His career began in the midst of the Great Depression, just after his graduation from the Chicago Art Institute. He participated in most of the Disney classic films, and for most of his tenure, his his title was director of special effects. Josh loved his job at Disney, but always thought of himself as a landscape painter first. On weekends and vacations, he would pack his station wagon and tear drop trailer and head off with his wife Libby and son Philip to paint the many dimensions of California's natural beauty. Top of Page
Joshua Meador Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves Thumbnail
Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves
Joshua Meador The Red Barn Thumbnail
Red Barn
Joshua Meador Quaking Aspens Thumbnail
"Quaking Aspens"

Warren Chase Merritt Coastal Estuary Midsized Thumbnail
Coastal Estuary
Warren Chase Merritt 1897-1969
Young Warren Chase Merritt was fascinated by the sea. As a boy, he sketched ships along the northern California town of Eureka, where his father was manager of the North Pacific Steamship Company. His father met with misfortune, drowned in a shipping accident. His family relocated themselves in Sausalito near San Francisco. As an artist, he worked on many murals and later in his career was an illustrator for Railroad Magazine. Top of Page

Ralph Davison Miller 1858-1945

Ralph Davison Miller Grand Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
Grand Canyon

When he was thirty-five years old, Ralph Miller moved to Los Angeles in 1893, and painted California and western scenes until his death in 1945. Over his career, he sold his works through local Los Angeles galleries including the Kanst Gallery, the Steckel Gallery, the Blanchard Gallery, and the Wilshire Gallery. His works reside in the Sante Fe Railway collection and the Santa Barbara Historical Society. Top of Page

Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast Midsized Thumbnail
Carmel Coast
Charlotte E. Morgan 1867 - 1947
Charlotte studied art at the San Francisco School of Design with Arthur Frank Mathews, Amedee Joullin and Emil Carlsen, and studied further with Armin Hansen and L. P. Latimer. In 1896, she married Ross Morgan and settled in Berkeley where she taught in the public schools. A few years after her husband died in 1917, she moved to Carmel where she maintained a studio. Charlotte was involved in teaching and exhibiting art with the Carmel Arts and Crafts Club. She received a masters degree from Cal Berkeley in 1928, and she exhibited her paintings throughout California. She remained in Carmel until her death in 1947 at the age of 80. Top of Page

Charlotte Augusta Morton 1885 - 1974 Charlotte E Morton Palo Verde
Palo Verde
Charlotte Augusta Morton was born in Tescott, KS on November 7, 1885. After graduating from Kansas State College, Morton studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and in New York City at the Art Students League and Pratt Institute. Prior to moving to the Monterey Peninsula, she taught briefly at San Jose State College in 1947. In Carmel she developed a postcard business depicting local scenes, and in her leisure painted watercolors of the local wild flowers. She died in Carmel on July 20, 1974. Top of Page

William Frederic Ritschel 1864 - 1949
William Frederick Ritschel Boats in the Surf Midsized Thumbnail

William Ritschel studied art at the Royal Academy in Munich before emigrating to New York City in 1895. Much of his young life was spent at sea, and it is not surprising that as an artist his focus was on capturing the sea with its many personalities. Ritschel settled in Carmel in 1911, becoming one of the first artists to establish residence there subsequent to the devastating earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, and that is where he died in 1949. On the rocky cliffs of Carmel Heights he built a home called "Castellammare", named for an Italian seaport town south of Naples. Top of Page

Davis Francis Schwartz 1879 - 1969
Davis Francis Schwartz was born in Paris, Kentucky in 1879.  He studied at the Chicago Art Institute, and then at art schools in Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio; he then spent three years in Montreal studying under Adam S. Scott.  He worked as a commercial illustrator in Ohio for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  He moved to California in 1903 and worked for the Los Angeles Times before moving to San Francisco in 1924.  In 1924 he was elected artist for the State Board of Harbor Commissioners .  He established a studio in the Ferry Building and for 30 years acted as custodian of the huge relief map of the State of California there. During the 1940s he sometimes signed his works "Francis Davis" due to anti-German sentiment.  He worked in both oil and watercolor and won many awards. His memberships included the Carmel Art Association, Oakland Art Association, Santa Cruz Art League, and Society of Western Artists.  His works are held by the California Historical Society, St. Mary's College, the State Museum Resource Center (Sacramento), and Shasta State Historical Museum. Top of Page
Davis Francis Schwarts Mt Tamalpais California
"Mt. Tamalpais"
Davis Francis Schwartz Mission San Jose de Padua Thumbnail
Mission San Antonio de Padua
Davis Schwartz Boys Fishing on the Bay Midsized Thumbnail
Boys Fishing on the Bay 1940
Davis Francis Schwartz Eucalyptus and River Midsized Thumbnail
Eucalyptus and River
Davis Francis Schwartz San Francisco Bay Sailing Midsized Thumbnail
San Francisco Bay Sailing
Davis Francis Schwartz Embarking Schooner Midsized Thumbnail
Embarking Schooner

Nell Gertrude Walker Warner 1891 - 1970
Nell Walker grew up in Nebraska and Kansas, graduating from the Lexington College for Young Women in Missouri in 1910. After a brief teaching position in Colorado Springs, she moved to Los Angeles, graduating from the Los Angeles School of Art and Design in 1916. She taught in LA girls schools, and painted backdrops for silent films. In 1920, she married a surgeon, Dr. Bion Smith Warner, and traveled in Europe. While living in La Canada and La Crescenta, California, she furthered her painting studies with Nicholai Fechin, Fritz Werner and Paul Lauritz. In 1945, she married Emil Shostrom and moved to Carmel, CA where she had been a frequent visitor. She resided in Carmel the next 18 years until her death in 1970. She was praised as one of America's foremost painters of flowers, and her western and California landscapes were well known. She was a member of numerous art associations, was exhibited widely, and her paintings won many awards. Top of Page
Warner Nel Walker Path to Sea Mid .jpg
Path the the Sea

Abel George Warshawsky 1883 - 1962
Abel George Warshawsky was a successful American impressionist painter in Paris before World War II. He arrived there in 1908, commencing an active thirty year career in the Paris art world. From Paris, he made painting excursions throughout France and Italy, and returned to the United States from time to time to sell his works. In Paris, he knew Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Signac and Auguste Renoir, as well as American artists Winslow Homer, Leon Kroll, Hugo Robus and William Zorach.

In the late 1930's though with the death of his first wife and the coming of the war, he left France and established a studio in Monterey, California. There he painted portraits, taught classes, and became well known for his paintings of the

George Abel Warshawsky Seascape Midsized Thumbnail

Northern California coast. Warshawky has paintings in the collections of the Luxembourg Museum in Paris, the Chicago Art Institute, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Minneapolis Art Institute. Top of Page

Notable Painters of the Sea

George Bickerstaff 1893 - 1954 Top of Page

Bickerstaff George Surf Thumb.jpg Bickerstaff George Pastoral Path Thumb .jpg George Bidkerstaff Laguna Breakers Thumbnail George Bickerstaff Sea Spray Thumbnail

Jon Blanchette 1908 - 1987 Top of Page
Blanchette Jon Coast Thumb.jpg Blanchette Jon BoatThumb.jpg Blanchette Coast on winters day Thumb .jpg
Blanchette Jon Two Boats Thumb .jpg Jon Blanchette Watsonville Slough Thumbnail John Blanchette Mendocino House Thumbnail

Bennett Schroeder Bradbury 1914 - 1991 Top of Page
Bradbury Bennett China Cove Thumb .jpg Bradbury Bennett Seacoast Thumb .jpg Bennett Bradbury Laguna Coastline Thumbnail
Bennett Bradbury Beach Sentinels Thumbnail Bennett Bradbury Pacific Cove Thumbnail Bennett Bradbury Pacific Sunset Thumbnail

Dalton Dave Silver Light Thumb .jpg

Dave Dalton 1952 -

Top of Page

Richard Dey De Ribcowsky 1880 - 1936
Top of Page
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Fishing Boat Nocturne Thumbnail Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Venetian Canal Thumbnail Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Sunset Seascape Thumbnail
Richard Dey DeRibcowsky Sunset and Rolling Waves Large Midsized Thumbnail Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Rialto Bridge Thumbnail

Alexander Dzigurski 1911 - 1995
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Dzigurski Alexander Winter Sunset Thumb .jpg Dzigurski Alexander Positano Italy Thumb .jpg Alexander Dzigurski Fiery Sunset Thumbnail

Nels Hagerup 1864 - 1922
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Hagerup Nels Surf Crashing Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Breakers Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Raccoon Straits Thumb .jpg Nels Hagerup Docked by the Golden Gate Thumbnail
Hagerup Nels Across Golden Gate Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Beach Thumb .jpg Hagerup_Nels_Sunset_Beach_San_Francisco_Thumb.jpg Nels Hagerup Beached Schooner Thumbnail

Arthur Merton Hazard 1872 - 1930
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Arthur Merton Hazard Lupines Thumbnail Arthur Merton Hazard Seal Rock Thumbnail Arthur Merton Hazard Seinboat Provincetown Thumbnail

Anna Althea Hills 1882 - 1930
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Anna Hills Pale Opal Thumbnail Anna Hills Laguna Shore Thumbnail

Paul Lauritz 1889 - 1975
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Paul Lauritz Passing Storm Thumbnail
Paul Lauritz 17 Mile Drive Thumbnail

Leon Lundmark 1875 - 1940
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Lundmark Leon Nocturn Thumb .jpg Lundmark Leon Joy of the Pacific Thumb.jpg Leon Lundmark Pearly Hues Thumbnail

Stephen Seymour Thomas 1868 - 1956
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Stephen Seymour Thomas Carmel Dunes Thumbnail Stephen Seymour Thomas 17 Mile Drive Carmel California Beach Left Thumbnail Stephen Seymour Thomas 17 Mile Drive Carmel California Beach CenterThumbnail Stephen Seymour Thomas 17 Mile Drive Carmel California Beach Right Thumbnail
Thomas_Seymour_Makapuu_Point_Thumb.jpg Stephen Seymour Thomas Sach Cove Woods Hole Massachusetts 1956 Thumbnail Stephen Seymour Thomas Man on a Pier Thumb Stephen Seymour Thomas Two Houses Thumb

James Gale Tyler 1855 - 1931
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Tyler James Gale Sailboat Nocturn Thumb .jpg James Gale Tyler Nocturne Sailboat Thumbnail