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Hugo Anton Fisher 1854 - 1916
Hugon Anton Fisher, Woman Fishing at Pasture Pond
Woman Fishing
at Pasture Pond
Hugo Anton Fisher Grazing Cattle in an expansive landscape
Grazing cattle in
expansive landscape
Hugo Anton Fisher, Marin Pastoral
Marin Pastoral
Hugo Anton Fisher, Landscape Waterfall
Landscape Waterfall
Hugo Anton Fisher Sheep in Spring Meadow Midsized Thumbnail
Sheep in Spring Meadow
Hugo Anton Fisher Six Sheep
Six Sheep
Hugo Anton Fisher, Cows in Marsh
Cows in marsh
Hugo Anton Fisher Marsh landscape
Marsh Landscape
Hugo Anton Fisher, Rocky River Landscape
Rocky River Landscape
Hugo Anton Fisher Niagra Falls
Niagra Falls
Hugo Anton Fisher Marsh Fall Sunset
Marsh Fall Sunset
Hugo Anton Fisher Homeward Bound vintage print
Homeward Bound
Vintage Print 1893
Hugo Anton Fisher sketch, Honlulu
Hugo Anton Fisher sketch,
Honolulu Gazette, 1896

Hugo Anton Fisher was born into a family of artists in Klando, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). He studied with his father and with Anton Mauve. Before emigrating to the United States, he exhibited at the Paris Salon and salons in Dresden and London.

In 1874, he relocated to New York and gained fame as a member of New York's Hudson River School.

Hugo moved his young family to Alameda, California when he was 32 years old. He was so well known at the time, his arrival in the Bay Area was noted in local papers. From 1894-96, he maintained his studio in Honolulu. When he returned to Alameda, he remained until his death in 1916.

Prior to the '06 quake, he had a studio in San Francisco and commuted to the City by ferry from Alameda, usually with a sketch pad in hand drawing marshes and pastures as he floated by. He lost all of his paintings in his studio in the fires after the earthquake, and many of his sold paintings adoring San Francisco, homes.

He worked extensively in both oil and watercolor.

Hugo Anton Fisher was the son and grandson of artists. He kept the family tradition alive by raising his two sons to become artists, Hugo Melville Fisher and Harrison Fisher.


Just prior to his death at age 62, he visited his boyhood home in Bohemia. When the Great War broke out, now known as World War I, Hugo hastily returned to the United states. Several months after his return, he died of a stroke at age 62.

Today, his works reside in many prestigious museum and personal collections, including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Hawaii State Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum of California.

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Below is an article reporting the death Hugo Anton Fisher, the San Francisco Examiner, Nov 28, 1916.