Joshua Meador 1911-1965

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Joshua Meador Spring Rain Signature Sprinig Rain #548
Oil on Linen, 20 x 27

Joshua Meador Spring Rain

Joshua Meador Spring Rain with oak frame

Joshua Meador Spring Rain Closeup

Spring Rain by Joshua Meador

In the Footsteps of Joshua Meador

The location of this painting is just west of Valley Ford, Callifornia.

Remnants of old road are easily accessable along Highway 1, a location where Josh set up his easel, providing the same perspective Josh used in this painting.

The barn, although having long ago lost its white paint, is still kept company by some of the adjoining buildings still standing. Split rail fences have been replaced with barbed wire. Recent rains have temporarily filled the watering pond, but things aren't nearly as wet as the day Joshua Meador painted this scene about 60 years ago.

Location of Joshua Meador's Spring Rain

Joshua Meador Spring Rain Newspaper Clipping