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Joshua Meador pictured in
A panorama of Animation's Pioneering Legends
Joshua Meador pictured with Walt Disney and other pioneers of early animation at Ben Sharpsteen's Retirement Dinner in February 1959

Ben Sharpsteen's Retirement Dinner
February 24, 1959

Ben Sharpsteen was a producer at Disney Studios where he built a long list of producing and directing credits. including Snow White and tne Seven Dwarfs 1937, Fantasia 1940, Pinocchio 1940 and Dumbo 1941. In 1959, his retirement dinner was attended by his collegues and friends.

Those attending his retirement dinner probably didn't think of the significance of taking a group photo. Guests just politely lined up and posed so the photo could be snapped. But now, this photo is i valued because it captures in one shot many of early animation's pioneers and legends.

Photos of Joshua Meador are rare. Personally, he was not fond of having his picture taken and his son Philip told us that taking family photos was never a priority. Josh was a painter, not a photographer. He was pleased to let his canvases speak for him. As Director of Animation Effects for Disney Studios, he was content to work behind the camera. This is only the second photo we have seen of Josh pictured in the same frame as Walt Disney. Our gallery is pleased to have discovered this photo because it emphasized that Joshua Meador was certainly was a member of the pantheon of talent which pioneered animation in film.

The photo above and to the right is taken from the wide photo below. Larger verions are available from the link at the bottom of this page.

Joshua Meador with Walt Diney and other pioneers of animattion at Ben Sharpsteen' Retirement dinner in February 1959

Ben Sharpsteen's Retirement Dinner February 1959

Larger versions of this photo are available, both with labels and without.
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