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Featuring The Joshua Meador
Desert Paintings
by Kathi Hilton
Seascapes & Landscapes
by Alex Dzigurski II
Seascapes & Landscapes
by Linda Sorensen
Watercolors by
Jean Warren
Bodega Bay Photography by Diane Perry

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through September 30, 2012
Alex Dzigurski Exhibition Photo
Cypress Sunset Alex Dzigurski
Cypress Sunset, 18 x 24

Alex Dzigurski II  n studio at his easel

Alex says, "Regardless the art form, the joy of creating something out of nothing is tremendously rewarding and intoxicating" This is the underlying sentiment which throbs through the mighty heart of Alex Dzigurski. He goes on to say, "In a way, the art you create is something tangible, it says you were here."

Alex Dzigurski Adriatic Fishing Boats
Adriatic Fishing Boats, Zadar,
Croatia 2004, 14 x 18

Bixby Widlflowers Big Sur Alex Dzigurski
Bixby Wildflowers, Big Sur, 18 x 24
Alex is now 44 years old and maintains his studio in Mountain View. He uses the same easel used by his father, the famous land and seascape artist, Alexander Dzigurski. In the same studio once used by his father, Alex spends hours creatively working on canvases begun in the field, all to the sounds of classical music filling the background while surrounded by some of his father's and his own masterworks.
When speaking of his father, Alex says there is may be a small downside to having a famous artist for a father, in that everyone compares his work with his father's work. But then, with a twinkle in his eye, he says the benefits far outweigh any negatives. He is honored that people compare his work to his father. When asked to define how his father's work differs from his own, Alex says his work is brighter while his father's is more subtle and more natural.
Venana Moonlight Alex Dzigurski
Ventana Moonlight, 24 x 20
Point Lobos Cypress Alex Dzigurski
Point Lobos Cypress, 20 x 16
Morning Light Carmel Valley Alex Dzigurski
Morning Light, Carmel Valley, 18 x 24
When speaking of the difficulties artists face today, Alex discussed how bad things are for artists in the recent recession, but then pauses and expressed how his father, as a young artist, endured the great depression in his native Slovenia and then the hardships and dangers of World War II. For both he and his father, their appealing work is beyond the times in which it was created. It is in response to the glory and beauty to be found in nature all around them.
Alex Dzigurski Grand Teton Meadow
Grand Teton Meadow, 20 x 24
Halfdome Yosemite Autumn Alex Dzigurski
Halfdome Yosemite Autumn, 24 x 20
Alex Dzigursi Southbound Sunset
Southbound Sunset, 24 x 36
Alex was born when his father was 58 years old. For his dad, Alex's birth was a joyous rejuvenation. He was an active father, enjoying anew young Alex's inquisitiveness and embrace of life. Alexander and his mother Dorothy nurtured Alex in the art of painting, and Alex really loved his father's tutelage. His dad was blessed to see his son attend the American Academy of Art in Chicago and see him graduate in 1990. After graduation, Alex had the opportunity to work with his father until his passing in 1995.

Some of Alex's professional associations include membership in the Palette and Chisel Club of Chicago, a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and a member of the California Art Club. In 2003, he was voted Artist of the Year at Simic Galleries in Carmel. He has participated in juried exhibitions throughout the west, including the Charles Russel Art Auction in Great Falls, Montana, the Pepper Tree Ranch Art Show in Santa Ynez, and the California Art Club Exhibition in Pasadena. His work is represented in numerous prestigious private collections and by scores of people all across the country who just really like his work. Aside from Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery, Alex exhibits his work by galleries in Dallas, Carmel, and Lahaina as well as his own website, AlexDzigurski.com.

Alex is justifiably proud of his accomplishments in art, but his pride extends beyond far beyond his painting. His wife Michelle is an art teacher, bright eyes and and a blur of active loving energy, nurturing the artistic side of the next generation. And Michelle and Alex have two great kids, son Nicholas who is attending Academy of Art University in San Francisco majoring in industrial design, and daughter Haley, currently beginning her senior year in high school and busy submitting applications for college.

Stop by and see this amazing exhibition of Alex's work, and add one of his works to your collection.

Point Lobos Springtime Alex Dzigurski
Point Lobos Springtime, 18 x 24
California Idyll Alex Dzigurski
California Idyll, 18 x 24
Rocky Coast Medocino Alex Dzigurski
Rocky Coast Mendocino, 16 x 20
the Palette knife landscapes of Joshua Meador, California Style Watercolors ... works by Milford Zornes, Robert E. Wood and others
and works by our gallery regulars, Kathi Hilton, Alex Dzigurski II, Jean Warren, Diane Perry, and Linda Sorensen